Teaching Youth To Work With Horses

Author: Greg

Shulus Equine Program at the Williams Lake Stampede 2024

Nine youths ages thirteen to eighteen from the Shulus Equine Program will be at the Williams Lake Stampede representing the bands for the Nicola Valley.

June 28 – July 1, 2024
Williams Lake, BC

Our group will be in the opening parade.

Many of the young riders are practicing and aspiring to be in events like the Williams Lake Stampede.

This is a tremendous opportunity to provide positive goals for the kids.

Your Support Appreciated

We are looking for help in the following areas:

  • Transportation for the team and horses.
  • Funds for food and lodging.
  • Chaperones.

Can you help?

Video Documentary Project

Greg and Bonnie Dixon have extensive experience with video production and video documentaries including travelling to conduct interviews with pioneers of the Natural Health Movement and Food Sustainability projects.

We are looking for financial support for them to document this and other events for the Shulus Equine Group.

Can you help?

We can submit a funding proposal as needed for your organization.

We also appreciate donations of any size from individuals through GoFundMe.

Sponsors and GoFundMe Donations

Phil Dumont used many of his own resources, plus community help to get the Shulus Equine Program started.

Shulus Equine Society

The program needs more to provide feed, care for the horses, expand the facilities, and honorariums for trainers and other supporters.

Please donate through GoFundMe or let us know if you can help by volunteering, training, or offering supplies or services.

Merritt RCMP Donate Riding Helmets

Tracy Dunsmore, Media Relations Officer, Merritt RCMP brought riding helmets for the youth in the Shulus Equine Program. Greatly Appreciated!

The program has received many kind gifts and services to help. We will acknowledge all on the site soon.

The group meets at the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology (NVIT) on Wednesday afternoons for planning and training. Volunteers welcome.

You can help by making a GoFundMe donation to help pay for things like feed and veterinarian services.

Contact Us

Information for contacting the Shulus Equine Therapeutic Development Society.

Let us know if you want to join the program or provide support in various ways.

Join Our Mailing List

Phil Dumont
(250) 280-4558

Greg Dixon